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Customer Testimonial

Dr. Siti U.N.I. Klinik – “One of the patients came back only after 6 months after I gave her Cranberola for her UTI problem. She was happy that she is no more having pain while urinating and her baby daughter wants to drink too for the drink looks tempting”.

Ms. Valli, senior promoter– “My day is not complete without consuming Bluace’s virgin coconut oil. It helped me to shed some pounds and helped my constipation issues. Now my entire family is consuming VCO.”

Ms. Chitra, Accountant – “I was suffering from severe kidney stones the past few years. One of my colleagues gave few sachets of Cranberola to try. I took it for 3 days and the 4th day, some small black stones came out while urinating and I am no longer having the pain.”

Foreign ex-pat- “For years I was unable to sleep and one day I bought magnesium oil during a healthcare carnival and rubbed on my arm joints and I fell into a deep sleep. It was an emotional moment for me since I was struggling with this issue for many years. The next day I went and bought few more bottles and thanked the promoters for introducing the oil.”

DJ Beauty – “Doctor prescribed urine alkalizer for my UTI and it did not improve my condition till I remembered my friend who gave me Cranberola before. I called him right away and get one box. Just consuming two sachets, made all the difference and I made sure I have a box in stock as part of my household.”

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