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Cranberola® Cranberry Drink




Cranberola cranberry juice sachet from Bluace is very rich in cranberry extract and very good for UTI and yeast infection. This product does not contain sugar and also helps to stabilize the pH level in the vagina to prevent the growth of bacteria and fungus in the urinary tract.




Cranberola is rich in Pac-A which will prevent certain bacteria, especially E.coli from adhering to the bladder wall and helps to eliminate the pathogens in natural ways. This product is 0% sugar and comes with a raspberry flavour. Per sachet contains a high volume of Vitamin C to boost the immune system in the body. 




Adult and Children - 2 Sachets per day for maximum protection according to Howell chart.


Active Ingredients


Ingredients Per Sachet
Cranberry fruit extraction (Powder form) 40.5%
PACs-A 1.8 mg
Artificial Colourings No
Sugar 0%


Where can I get Cranberola sachets drink?